Drones for Peace

Get Weapons Out of Schools

Get Weapons Off of Drones


Summer programs take place at the Base Camp of UWCCDHS.Life


Summer programs take place at the Base Camp of C4P


D4P Explained

Drones for Peace (D4P) advocates to Get Weapons Off of Drones – to establish an international treaty for the prohibition of weapons on drones – so that Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology be only used for humanitarian, human security and peaceful development purposes. D4P provides education, services and products from their offices in Wilmington, NC.

No Weapons Drone Treaty

Just as the 1964’s film Dr. Strangelove contributed to National and International Nuclear Weapons perspectives and policies of the 1960’s (which included the Outer Space Treaty which entered into force in 1967), we think and believe the 2018 film Black Panther can help us get weapons off of drones and much, much, much more.

D4P Documentary

The activities and participation and aerial footage of D4P at the March for Our Lives will be captured and featured in shorts and documentaries to be produced by accomplished videographer Mel Van Dusen and with collaboration from others.  

Healing Music

David Tralle and his Center for Music Medicine will allow us to use his healing music to accompany the D4P project. Kent McIntire met David and his late wife Barbra over 5 years ago (see below link to his YouTube video) and made a very strong connection. Integrating David’s music into the videos taken by Mel and Kent is being accomplished for it’s anticipated healing effect on the students and all other participants around the nation and around the world during the weekend, or afterwards, as they view the video(s) that we will produce.

D4P Pilot Information

Cape Fear Drones serves as the subcontractor providing Human Security drone services to D4P.

UWCCDHS Explained

The US-Wakanda Center for Citizen Diplomacy and Human Security (UWCCDHS) is comprised of citizens of any community (denoted as us) who aspire to engage with those who are, or who are like, or who want to be like the citizens of the African nation appearing in the Marvel Studio film Black Panther. One of the first projects being undertaken UWCCDHS is to hosts D4P events at or near it’s Base Camp in Sandwich, NH.